How-to Play N64 Games on Your SNES Classic Mini

This guide will show you how to play N64 games like Super Mario 64 on your SNES Classic Mini. Please note the SNES Classic does not run most N64 games well but some games (like Mario 64) are very playable. Please see our list of compatible games on the bottom of this page.

How-to Play N64 Games on Your SNES Classic Mini

(If you have already installed hakchi2 to your console, skip to step #7.)

1. Download hakchi2 CE ( and extract it to your computer.

2. Open hakchi2.exe and select your console.

3. Go to Kernel > Dump Kernel.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen and prepare your console (install driver if this is your first time).

5. After the dump is complete, you should see a new folder titled “dump” in the hakchi folder. Inside this folder is a backup of your SNES Classic data in case anything goes wrong. We recommend you back up this folder and keep it safe.

6. Go to Kernel > Flash custom kernel and hit Yes.

7. Download RetroArch (Hakchi_Retroarch_Neo_v#_#_#c.hmod) and put the file into the user_mods folder inside the hakchi2 folder.

8. Download the RetroArch Essential Cores ( and extract it to your computer. Move the CORE_mupen64plus hmod file into the user_mods folder inside the hakchi2 folder.

9. Go to Modules > Install extra modules.

10. Select RetroArch and Mupen64Plus and hit OK.

11. Follow the instructions on the screen and prepare your console.

11. Now hit Add more games and add the ROMs files (you can add multiple at once and you do not need to unzip the ROM file). If prompted to patch a game, hit Yes.

12. [Optional] Highlight the games, right-click, and select Download box art for selected games OR you can manually select each game and add your own box art by hitting Browse in the bottom right corner.

13. Hit Synchronize selected games with NES/SNES Mini.

14. After the process is complete, the games will be available on your SNES Classic Mini.

Mapping N64 Controller for SNES Classic Mini

15. Launch the game and press Start + Select to open the Retroarch menu.

16. Go to Quick Menu > Controls to map your controls.

We recommend using a Wii Classic Controller Pro to play N64 games on the SNES Classic.

Playable N64 Games on SNES Classic

  • F-Zero X
  • Snowboard Kids
  • Snowboard Kids 2
  • Starfox 64
  • Super Mario 64
  • Wipeout 64

Note: Some of the games listed may have minor issues but should be fully playable. This list will be updated regularly.


  1. I installed mario kart and mario 64 worked fine. Now i installed more games and the space is almost full of the Snes and mario kart and mario 64 are slower now is it because i have not so much space left?

  2. The problem occured after installing Diddy kong racers, mario tennis and road rash 64. Mario 64 and mario kart are really slow now any solutions?

  3. I uninstalled mupen64 and then reinstalled it, now Mario Kart64, Diddy Kong Racing and Mario 64 work again.

    • I had the same issue. At first Tarzan played great – then after a few other game installs it played poorly. I uninstalled/reinstalled mupen64 – no affect. Then I did the same for all of my mod: mupen64, genesis, and retro – after that the game play was restored. It seems a little finicky…

  4. Added a couple of GBA games now the A button doesn’t work. Now i can’t remap the controls in the Retroarch menu for Genesis, N64 and GBA going to reinstall the mods see if that works.

  5. Gettin C2 errors when i play N64 games also N64 games never go to the begin screen when i restart a game any solutions?

    • It runs okay… the sound is a little buggy but the game eventually slows down.

  6. Rampage World Tour completely freezes console after few minutes of playing. It must be switched off and on

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