How-to Disable Hakchi2 Boot Splash Screen

You may have noticed that every time you turn on your modded SNES Classic Mini, a hakchi splash screen appears for a few seconds before the main screen. This tutorial will show you how to disable the hakchi boot splash screen.

This tutorial is the same and works for both the SNES Classic Mini and NES Classic Mini.

How-to Disable hakchi Boot Splash

1. Run hakchi2 and go to ToolsBoot splashDisable boot splash. (You can also change the boot splash image by hitting Change boot splash.)

2. Connect your console to your computer and turn it on normally.

3. Go to Settings and hit Save settings to NES/SNES Mini now.

If you are using the USB-Host mod, you will also need to put a .PNG image file into the hakchi folder of your USB drive titled "boot.png". Here is a blank .PNG file you can put into your hakchi folder if you want an empty boot splash.

That's it!

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