Learn more about the different mods and hacks available for the SNES Classic Mini. Follow our easy tutorials and guides to install mods and hacks to your console like adding more games or playing different consoles.

All tutorials have been updated in May 2018 to reflect all of the latest changes and recommended stable releases.


We will be adding more guides in the future. Do you have a specific tutorial you want to see? Leave us a comment below!


  1. Last few days i have C2 errors i think its caused by N64 games. Because for example when i exit Wave Race and then click again to play. Its at the same screen when i left. It doesnt go to the begin screen. This also happens at Super Smash Bros i already uninstalled the N64 mod and reinstalled it map folders at 30 then it worked and didnt have the error. But when i play N64 games it happens again.

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